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Thin Lips - Divorce Year Cassette

$3.00 - On Sale

Sometimes the world dumps all over you; relationships end, bands break up, friendships fade, but what do you do about it? Chrissy Tashjian funneled her feelings of loves lost and abandonment into a new band replete with sparkling melodies bulldozing riffs, and a heavy, desperate urgency; calling on former members of her now defunct pop septet, Dangerous Ponies, Kyle Pulley and her brother, Michael Tashjian (The Weaks). The trio set to recording their first EP, "Divorce Year" at Converse's Rubber Tracks Studios in New York and Kyle's own Headroom Studios in Philadelphia, after which they called on Christopher Diehm (1994!/Quit) to fill out their live sound. "Divorce Year" will be available on cassette tape via Seagreen Records and online via Bandcamp in early May.